Pork Chops and Fried Rice

This is Ian's favorite dish, so I make it often. Hope you enjoy!
This recipe is for 4 People

4 Pork Chops
4c of Medium Grain Rice
2c of Water
Chinese Sausage (I have not been able to find this locally so you can substitute Bacon) deiced up
2c diced Green Onion
4 eggs scrambled

Mix rice and Water and cook until soft and all water is gone. Allow rice to cool. 
      I cook my in the morning before I get my day going. The rice is easier to work with when it is cold, when it is hot the rice clumps together. 

Now fry the prokchops, I season ming with garlic, salt and pepper and 4 TB of lemon juice in the pan. 
While the Porkchops are cooking I start scrambling my eggs and cooking my sausage or bacon. 

Then take the rice add to the WOK and add soy sauce fry until the rice is a light brown color. 

Then add the eggs, sausage, and green onions and continue to fry and mix until desired.

Then plate your delish dinner! I added broccoli tonight, but you can add any veggie you like!