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Starting My Food Storage!

 For a few years I have been wanting to have a food storage, and not just a stock pile of ketchup, and canned beans. A real food storage, canning it all myself! Such as basic baking needs,sweeteners (powdered sugar, brown sugar, white sugar, honey, ect), spices, fats (butter powder, olive oil, shortening. . .ect) Then I can get a little crazier and move onto soups, dehydrated soups, cereals, rice, grains, beans, pastas, canned meats.. . am I over whelming you yet? he he  Well there is more, but we will start here! Be sure to follow along as I go. I am going to start working my way down the list slowly.  There is a piece of equipment that I REALLY REALLY WANT!  Here is a manual can sealer that is only $1000.00 yeah only! lol I need to can a lot of stuff to justify that purchase! 

There are cheaper ways to go about it, sometimes the local LDS churches have days open to the public where you can take your stuff and use their can sealer. They also sell everything you need, the cans, the lids and the grains to fill your cans!

Anyways, I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT ONE OF THESE CAN SEALERS! So when I asked my husband for one. . . his answer. .  "can't you sell your the stuff in your store to get one?" ha ha guys are so funny! My answer. . . "Honey, I don't want to wait that long, I want one now!!!!!!" lol needless to say, that didn't get me anywhere!

So as I patiently wait for hubby to change his mind! I guess I will start planning my garden (I am going to make sure I have enough to stock up my food storage) and get my Inventory lists together and use my pressure canner and hot water bath and food grade seal-able 5 gallon buckets to do what I can.

So I am going to be putting list of the food I want to put in my storage and a list of everything you need to can and store the items . So I will be starting with my hot water bath canner and what you can and can't preserve using this method! Be sure to follow along as I take this journey!

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