Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving and Black Friday!! Link up!

First Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! This is my favorite holiday, no gifts, no craziness, just family and friends spending time together and be thankful for the blessed year. Oh yeah and the AMAZING food!!!
On another note, as I was watching to news, I saw something that was kind of sad, people missing out on valuable family time to save a buck. Now I am all for shopping and saving money, but really camping out a week ahead of time to get the best deals. Kinda Crazy!!! I rather have a nice dinner with my family and friends and then hit the shopping!! lol
 What are your family traditions? 
Do shop on Black Friday?
Everyone know I have two sons and 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old. Well this will be the first year that I will not be taking them Black Friday shopping with me! I know crazy I took them the last two years! Now usually my little brother (who is 18) is my Black Friday shopping partner, however this year he is at Basic Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He shipped out November 7, 2011 (my 23rd birthday). So this year I am going to be doing my Black Friday shopping with his girlfriend and her family! I am looking forward to it! We have a few stops we are going to be making.

What stops will you be making? 
What stores have the best deals where you are?

I would love to hear about what everyone does to get ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

I sat down with Ian and Reed last night, Reed made his list for Santa and so did Ian! lol I decided on what stores I needed to go to first and what time to leave. Nothing on Black Friday goes as planned, so that is my plan. lol

Be sure to check back tomorrow probably evening (after my nap) for a look at our Thanksgiving feast. We are doing something totally different they the usual Thanksgiving dinner. Also check back to see the awesome Black Friday deals that I got! 

I would love it have you link up & share your plans for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, 
by placing this link at the bottom of your post!

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