Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Week!!!!

My birthday trip started with a short and sweet trip to the coast to visit my grandparents, who live in Westlake (10 miles south of Florence). They live right on the lake, it is awesome!!! We took the boys to the beach, wrote in the sand and collected sea shells! From there we had to stop at A&W to get Rootbeer Floats! That is a MUST!!!!! We spent the rest of the night visiting with my grandparents and just enjoying the time! We had a huge seafood feast, one of my favorite dinners!!!!  The next morning we relaxed had breakfast and went on an early morning canoe ride down the river. The boys picked me some flowers and on the way back it started to sprinkle. So in the middle of Reed singing "Row, Row, Row your boat", it turned in to "row faster daddy, row faster". So funny!!! Oh not to mention Reed thought the pirates were going to come out and get him! We headed home that afternoon and Ian dropped me off at Bunco! I have an awesome Bunco group, I am the youngest by a few years but they are so funny and rowdy!!!

I have been asking for a Greenhouse for awhile now, well this week. . . . Ian built me a Greenhouse!

Then My little piggy Rosie had 7 babies!!!

 Her babies are so cute, but she gets crazy when she has babies and doesn't want me anywhere near them. So i get pictures when I  can!  But expect a ton more pictures to come!!!!

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