Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some of My Favorite Blogs Pt. 1

This last week I FINALLY signed up for a Pinterest account! I am controlling myself so I don't get addicted! I have found many things that are really cool and I would love to try to make. So we will see how that goes! I also started P90x! I think I am going to die! I started it with my husband and now I have decided that I need something more geared for women so I ordered The PINK Method! I will keep you up to date as I go!

                     Anyways why I am really here is because, as I spend sometime looking at friends and other bloggers shops I have totally fallen in love with a few to say the least. Here are some of my favorite items from my favorite shops. . . yes I do own most of the stuff in these pictures but some are still on my wish list! Here we go!

Here is ONE of my MANY favorites of Heather's Just.Lovely.Things
 Now I failed to mention I own at least 20 different beautiful ruffled flower headbands and clips!! I absolutely love them!!!

A friend of mine Alex, over at Alexandra Rose made my boys some super cute matching blankets, and I have a really adorable clutch! 

 BTW I am sponsoring over on her adorable blog! On her blog you will find everything from totally awesome tutorials, to totally adorable pictures of her cute little family, to shop updates! If you haven't checked out her blog you really should!

Now isn't this the cutest little clutch ever!
Check out her store here!

I am also sponsoring over at Sew Chatty   Elizabeth, has an adorable little family and adorable shop! 
Here are some of my favorite things!

Now I love Fallon's blog over at Silly Beautiful Life! She has an adorable shop also. These are my favorite earrings! I also had the pleasure of sharing a booth with her at a little Indies Crafters Market, and I am going to say it. . . she needs to get on it and post more stuff from the market! lol The stuff was so cute!!! Everything from beaded headbands, to anklets, to earrings to necklaces! 

This next shop is one I totally stumbled upon while looking for a make-up bag. Well I found one and it is the prettiest print! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Check out these and more over at Sew There's an Idea

I fell in love with these!  Be sure to check out her Etsy store and Facebook! Tell her I sent you!!!

These are a few of the MANY things I am in love with! Be sure to follow my blog and check back next week, when I talk about some of the most inspirational blogs!


  1. I love you kyndale! I do need to get my shizzznit together and post up all that stuff, because you still have a credit! :) I am working on a "spot" to take product pictures!!! I will get them up just for you! ;)

  2. Ha Ha! I was totally giving you a hard time! But see now I gave you some motivation! lol!!! Love ya! hehe