Sunday, January 15, 2012

2 weeks into the New Year!!

So here I sit, being totally busy and overwhelmed wondering what I want to accomplish this year. What are my goals for life, my blog, my business, my family? What projects to I want to accomplish? Last year we completed most of our goals for the year, so hopefully this year we will too. However I do have a pretty tall order!  So here is my list  for this year *disclaimer here.(I add tons of stuff to my list as the year goes, I have a never ending list. lol)

My #1 personal goal it to be more organized! yikes!!!

Let's start with my family and homestead goals and projects. I already spend almost every waking moment well and sleeping moment taking care and tending to my family. I wouldn't change it for the world.  So this year my goals for my family are a little different.
  • Plan the most awesome birthday parties for my soon to be 4 year old and my soon to be 2 year old. ( If you were following my blog last year then you got the see the awesome birthdays I put together last year. Reed had a Toy Story Birthday and Ryder had a Monsters Inc.)
  • Do an awesome family vacation!
  • Build the boys a totally awesome 2 story tree house!
  • More date nights for the hubby and I
  • Building my compost bins
  • Raised beds and cute picket fence around them.
  • FINALLY after a year of living here I am going to landscape! 
  • Clear a couple more acres.(we have 7 and have cleared 2 so far)
  • Build and fence an area for a horse, so this time next year I can get my very own horse! 
  • Build a root cellar 
  • Have my food storage complete
  • So the list will go on and on, so we will leave room to fill in some more as the year goes on!

Goals for my Blog 
  • Blog more often, once every couple weeks isn't enough. :) With all the projects I listed above, I should have tons to blog about!
  • Feature my favorite blogs and shops! 
  • Beef up my recipe section (I am so bad about taking pictures while I am cooking)
  • Keep everyone up to date as we slowly turn self sustainable. Building our compost bins, raised garden bed, food storage, root cellar, ect. 
  • Hopefully by the end of the year my blog will be 100x better and I will be a better blogger!

My Business
  •  I want to expand my business to include my other kitchen accessories, like my hot pads, trivets and full aprons. 
  • My Mini CSA farm.   Last year I grew vegetables for my friend Alex over at Alexandra Rose. Well it was the first garden at my new house and it wasn't all the great. I did get Alex her veggies every couple of weeks but it was not what I was used to! This year I am going to be putting in raised beds and planting a ton of vegetables, as I am going to be starting my own organic food storage. I will grow veggies for a couple friends this year, and I am super excited to see how huge the difference is.
  • Also last year I designed a few gardens for friends and family and this year I will be doing the same. More info on that later!
SO be sure to keep checking back to see what this year has in store for me and my family!!!

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