Monday, October 3, 2011

Just US

So this week was a little more relaxed then usual! We just had an awesome time hanging out! Reed had an exciting day at school. He loves school and his teacher Mr. John! Ryder is growing like a weed and goes in for a checkup next week! He has to be close to same size as his brother! Well here are a few photos of us this week!  Oh and we had an embarrassing school moment this week, well Reed did it and I was embarrassed! lol So all the kids were outside playing and Reed had to go potty and instead of going inside to the bathroom he just dropped his pants and peed in the grass! haha I was embarrassed but couldn't get mad! That is the country boy in him! lol


Found this in our bedroom!!! Ahhh
Cutting Firewood! I am not ready for Winter!!!

The boys and BunBun!

Reed and his bunny!

Ryder being silly!

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